Obesity, the biggest child epidemic in history

Muito Além do Peso

For the first time children have the same disease symptoms as adults: heart and breathing problems, depression, and type 2 diabetes. All of them are based on obesity. Worldwide, kids are heavier than they should be. And unhealthy. From Brazil to Kuwait, childhood obesity is becoming very common.

Way Beyond Weight 84′, color

With Jamie Oliver, Amit Goswami, Frei Betto, Ann Cooper, William Dietz, Walmir Coutinho, among others. Production: Maria Farinha Filmes Direction: Estela Renner Executive Production: Marcos Nisti Production Director: Juliana Borges Cinematography: Renata Ursaia Editing: Jordana Berg Graphics Design and Animation: Birdo Post-Production Direction: Paulo Saias Original Soundtrack: Luiz Macedo Sponsored by Instituto Alana